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Paldea Evolved Elite Trainer Box

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Paldea Evolved features the three final evolutions of the Paldean starter Pokémon, Meowscarada, Skeledirge, and Quaquaval, as well as the Treasures of Ruin. The set brings together the three Japanese expansions Triplet Beat, Snow Hazard, and Clay Burst. There will be 15 Pokémon ex, three Tera Pokémon ex, 36 illustration rare Pokémon, 18 ultra rare Pokémon ex, 8 ultra rare Supporter cards, 15 special illustration rare Pokémon and Supporter cards and 9 hyper rare gold etched cards.

Snow Hazard • Clay Burst feature Chien-Pao, Ting-Lu, and the other Treasures of Ruin from the Paldea region as powerful Pokémon ex cards. The dual set continues to debut Pokémon and characters from the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Pokémon games. Illustration Rare cards return after their introduction in the previous expansion.

Snow Hazard features the Water-type Pokémon Chien-Pao while Clay Burst features the Fighting-type Pokémon Ting-Lu. No Water-type Pokémon are included in Clay Burst.