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Violet EX Japanese Booster Case (12 Booster Box) - Pre Order

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This item releases January 20th. It will ship the following week.

The first sets of the Scarlet & Violet era will be named Scarlet ex and Violet ex. They will release on January 20th in Japan. They will be “Expansion Pack” sets, which is Japan’s typical term for a base set. These dual sets will re-introduce the Pokemon ex mechanic.

The sets will be accompanied by the release of three 60-card “Starter Set ex” decks. Each deck will feature either Sprigatito and Lucario ex, Fuecoco and Ampharos ex, or Quaxly and Mimikyu ex (Mimikyu ex is previewed above). These types of decks have kicked off recent eras:

January 20th will also see the release of a typical lineup of TCG accessories. Koraidon and Miraidon will be featured on a deck box, card sleeves, damage counter case, card binder, and carrying case. Also releasing will be acrylic damage counters and yet another card frame called “Black Ver.2.” There will also be a new “Energy Card Set,” which may be a bulk pack of Energy cards; however, this is speculation.