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Japanese Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic

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Each of the three decks included in the "Pokémon Card Game Classic" includes cards with the same illustrations as cards that appeared in the "Pokémon Card Game 1st Expansion Pack" released in 1996, as well as cards that are new for this product. designed pokemonexIt includes cards that can be said to be the culmination of all Pokemon card games.

In Pokemon card game tournaments, there is usually a regulation that only cards with a fixed sales period can be used, but none of these cards have a regulation mark (*). In other words, it is designed to transcend the boundaries of the current Standard Regulations, Extra Regulations, and Hall of Fame Regulations, and allow various cards to play together as one deck.

"Pokémon Card Game Classic" departs from the traditional way of playing, where you strengthen your deck with expansion packs, and allows you to enjoy battles permanently using only the three decks included in "Pokémon Card Game Classic." This is a product aimed at.

Pokemon Card Game Classic'' is a product jointly developed by design office nendo, Creatures Inc., and Pokemon Co., Ltd., with the theme of ``a universal, endlessly playable Pokemon card game