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Brilliant Star Booster Pack (LIVE)

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This is opened on our livestream

1x Brilliant Stars Booster Pack

You won't need to wish on a star with the latest Pokémon TCG expansion introducing a shining new gameplay mechanic, brilliantly beautiful cards, and Pokémon with star power.


Celebrate the incredible connection between Trainers and their Pokémon with the Trainer Gallery subset. Among the star Trainers are two of the Pokémon world's favorite rivals—Blue and his electrifying Jolteon, and N and Zekrom. Karen of the Elite Four also puts in an appearance with the mysterious Moonlight Pokémon, Umbreon VMAX.


The shining stars of this Pokémon TCG expansion are undeniably the Pokémon VSTAR. Each one has a VSTAR Power, a special attack or Ability that can drastically alter the course of a battle. But choose your moment wisely, because each player can only use one VSTAR Power during the entire game!


Bulk is not included unless requested on the livestream and I acknowledge the comment!