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AllPokeTCG Graded Beckett, CGC, PSA (LIVE)

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*Please Read Description before purchasing. Once opened the product is officially opened and we do not accept returns.

Brand new product released by AllPokeTCG on 12/01/2023! Each card is hand selected by the AllPokeTCG team to ensure that you get the great cards!


1-5 packs

1 PSA/BGS/CGC Graded Pokemon Card.

F: $40

C: $300


Manufactored by Caleb A Cox LLC.

Each box contains one slab and 1-5 booster packs.

Upon unlocking the box, you are immediately greeted by the allure of rare and coveted treasures. Within, carefully chosen Pokémon booster packs await, each carrying the potential to unveil iconic characters and potent cards that have captivated fans across generations. Will you discover the elusive holographic Charizard, the majestic Mewtwo, or perhaps a card that has long adorned your wishlist? The excitement of unveiling these packs transforms into an adventure, where every flipped card marks a moment teeming with possibilities.

As you cradle this enigmatic graded Pokémon slab in your hands, a profound connection to the myriad trainers and collectors who have cherished these creatures over the years ensues. The weight of its history and the boundless potential for its future will kindle your passion for collecting and safeguarding these cherished pocket monsters.

AllPokeTCG Mystery Box manufactured by Caleb A Cox LLC

Includes: one mystery graded slab bag and 1-5 booster pack

Due to the specialty of our products, all sales are FINAL with no returns and no exchanges. Please place your order carefully. 

All orders will be shipped HITS only unless bulk is requested

Cards are randomly inserted. There is no written, oral, or implied
representation that the purchaser will get any specific card. AllPokeTCG is
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registered and licensed trademarks and AllPokeTCG makes no representations or warranties as to the use of any logo or trademark. Purchaser is expressly
advised that they are solely responsible for the legal use of all logos and trademarks.
The cards inside have been purchased from the secondary market and repackaged
for resale by AllPokeTCG (Caleb A Cox LLC)