Stellar Miracle set is scheduled for release on July 19th

Stellar Miracle set is scheduled for release on July 19th

We are excited to announce that the highly anticipated Stellar Miracle set is scheduled for release on July 19th! This set will showcase the powerful Terapagos ex.

As per the official sell sheet for the set, it will introduce a groundbreaking new "Stellar" Tera type. The exact implementation of this new type in the TCG remains unknown. There are various possibilities to consider: for instance, Tera Pokemon ex might be printed as the Stellar type instead of an alternate type, heralding the introduction of a completely new type to the TCG. Alternatively, they could introduce a "Stellar" rule box with its own set of benefits, or perhaps even both!

Additionally, the set will introduce the "Deck Box Stellar Miracle," which will include ten packs of the set along with a deck box.

On August 30th, players can look forward to the release of two pre-constructed decks named "Starter Set Tera Type Stellar." These decks will feature Stellar Sylveon ex and Stellar Ceruledge ex as their main attractions.

These are currently the final releases announced for 2024.

In the video games, when a Pokemon has Stellar as its Tera type, it transforms into the Stellar type upon Terastallizing. This transformation is indicated by a crown featuring a baby Terapagos and swirling type icons above the Pokemon's head.

Upon Terastallizing into the Stellar type, a Pokemon receives an attack boost for each move type: twice for its original types and 1.2 times for all other types. This boost applies once per type per battle, except for Terapagos’s Stellar Form, which enjoys the boosts at all times due to its creation of the Stellar type.

Given these exciting developments, we invite you to share your thoughts on how the TCG will handle the introduction of the Stellar Tera type in the comments below!

Interestingly, the main series games are now exploring a similar concept with Terastalization, and the TCG will be coming full circle with the introduction of Obsidian Flames!

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