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Pokemon 151 Update! Everything We Know So Far!

Pokemon 151 Update! Everything We Know So Far!

Enhanced expansion pack Pokemon card 151 Encounter with 151 animals is waiting!  Released on Friday, June 16th!

"Pokémon Card 151 (Strawberry Ichi)" contains Pokemon from Bulbasaur to Mew in the order of the Pokédex's Pokédex numbers !
Collect cards and have fun, just like filling up a Pokemon book!

It's okay to have few cards in your hand !

Use the ability "Restart" to draw your deck until you have 3 cards in your hand, and replenish your empty hand! The technique "Genome Hack" allows you to use the technique that the opponent's battle Pokemon has with 3 colorless energy, and there is no energy to escape, so it is a Pokemon that is easy to use in various decks.exis!

You can use the trick even if you are on the bench !

Surprisingly, the trick "Dimension Hand" is Hoodinexcan be used even if you are on the bench! In other words, you can deal solid damage to your opponent's Pokémon while creating a situation where you're less likely to be knocked down on the bench. If you go to the battlefield, you can aim for great damage with the trick "Mind Jack". Trick your opponent with a tricky fighting style!

"Sakaki's Charisma", who supports Sakaki, the gym leader of the Kanto region and the boss of Team Rocket, has appeared. After returning the energy attached to the opponent's battle Pokemon to the hand, you can attach energy to your own battle Pokemon. It's a tough and powerful support that steadily creates an advantage while the opponent is hindered and lags behind!

It's a Pokemon item that, when attached to a seed Pokemon, removes that Pokemon's weaknesses. You can prevent a situation where you suddenly take advantage of a weak point and take a lot of damage, so it will be easier to pass your deck's strategy. I definitely want to put it in a deck that fights with Seed Pokemon!

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